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Elite Membership: List of Benefits
(A membership is required to enjoy these benefits. Click here to join.)

iFriends Elite Status Members Enjoy the following Exclusive Benefits:

ELITE ONLY:  High-Def Access full-screen 1280x720 and 1920x1080 Video (like you get on big-screen HDTVs)
  Frustrated that you can't get access to the higher quality versions of iFriends HD movies? ClubElite is your ticket to better HD. And now with exclusive access to the new super high definition iFriends HD Advanced, your ClubElite status is more valuable than ever.
ELITE ONLY:  "Verified 18+" options:
  It's a lady's prerogative to lie about her age, and proper gentlemen know to not even ask. That's why the "Verified Age" navigation features are so popular with ClubElite members! When you select the "Verified 18" category, for example, you'll know that the all of the chathosts you see before you have been verified by iFriends to be exactly 18 years of age. (Not chathosts who say they're 18, but actual eighteen-year-olds!) Other age-verified categories include "Just Turned 18," "Verified 19" and "Verified Early 20's."
ELITE ONLY:  EliteView MultiView options:
  Take full advantage of the chathosts that offer up to four multiple cams simultaneously during the same VideoChat session. Zoom in on any camera angle or watch all of the cams together. You won't miss a thing!

  Find your favorite chathosts by watching dozens of cams at once (hundreds if you have enough bandwidth).
ELITE ONLY:  Elite "Live Moments:"
  ClubElite members can relive past chathost experiences with their favorite Stars through the exclusive "LiveMoments" feature, which is available in the Star's free fan club. Moments spent with chathosts during live iFriends videochat sessions can be played back to relive over and over again. (Available with participating chathosts only.)
ELITE ONLY:  Elite "Unique Names Mode:"
  Some iFriends chathosts are available under multiple screennames, so they can offer iFriends users the choice of viewing their videochat and content in a variety of chat rooms. As a ClubElite member, you have the option to avoid duplicative chathost screennames and surf iFriends in "Unique-Names" mode. That means that you'll typically see only one screenname for each person that's hosting live, rather than two or five, or in some cases, even more.
ELITE ONLY:  Elite "Find Hosts by Region:"
  ClubElite members of iFriends have the opportunity to narrow down their search for their new favorite Video Host by region of the world. Whether you're looking for someone in the same part of the world as you or you'd like to spend time with someone more exotic, now your search is a breeze thanks to our interactive map. Search by Region is available on both the Live Browse (as part of the "QuickBrowse" drop-down under "All Features") or on the main FanClub page. Click the image to the left to see where exactly you can access Search by Region.
ELITE ONLY:  Elite "iFriends HD" Enhanced Viewing:
  Elite members enjoy the picture window-perfect world of iFriends HD at higher resolution and higher quality than mere Club VIP or regular iFriends members.
Elite status is All-Inclusive: That means you also get every benefit available to Club VIP members, too!

Enjoy these super VIP benefits:
(You'll get all of these super benefits the moment you click the "Upgrade" button below).


VIP-only Enhanced VideoChat:

  • ZoomVision: "Is that a tongue-ring?" To get a closer view, VIP members can zoom the webcam window all the way to full-screen, for the ultimate "extreme close up". The webcam image can be enlarged up to four to eight times the usual size (for regular members, webcam window size is limited to 1/4 screen to 1/8 screen). For sample screenshots, click here or here (adults only).
  • RealityMotion: For VIP users, webcam video streams at twice the normal rate, for continuous, TV-style motion.
  • MutualView: Optional "two-way" videochat capability that permits you and the chathost to see each other (only available if you have a webcam and desire this feature)
  • GoPrivate Button: The additional "Go Private" button in the videochat interface, when pressed, locks out any additional users from accessing the chatroom until you leave, leaving you alone with the chathost in privacy. (It's like hanging a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door and turning the lock).
  • Free "Voyeur View" Preview: Gives you a free 20-second "mini peek" inside every premium live videochat room, before you enter. And it's LIVE! With Free VIP VoyeurView, there's no "surprises" when you enter live videochat!
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VIP-Only Other Enhanced Features:

  • SuperArchives: Unrestricted Access to entire archive history of every iFriends chathost, since the debut of iFriends on Valentine's Day, 1998 (literally millions of images & clips!)
  • HighDef Video: Club VIP members enjoy access to higher-quality HD videos on iFriends than regular members.
  • Favorites List: Personalized window that displays all available live chathosts which you have previously added to your "Favorites" list, or with whom you have spent considerable time online in the past.
  • View Multiple Free Live Voyeur Views at the same time!
  • Hot Prospects List: Personalized window that suggests available chathosts based upon similarity of characteristics with chathosts in your Favorites List (similar to Amazon.com's "people who bought your book also bought the following books....")
  • Instant Notify option: Receive email/ICQ alerts the moment your favorite chathosts log in. Note -- this is an option only; you will receive messages from only those chathost that you designate to send such alerts.
  • Account Maintenance Screen: Modify your account settings: Change your password, email address, subscribe or unsubscribe to chathost "fanmails", add chathosts to your "favorites" list, and more.
  • Download Archive VideoClips for Offline Viewing: VIP members can download and save to disk any iFriends LiveStream videoclip, for unlimited local playback. (Regular members are only able to view -- but not save -- archive videoclips)
  • "SuperSize" features: Many areas of iFriends offer "supersize" display features available only to Club VIP members. Archive Explorer, Video Clip Explorer, Profile Surfer, and individual archive views, to name just a few.
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VIP-only $$$ Savings:

  • Automatic Secret Discounts: Automatically get the full discount in every video chat room, even if you don't know the chathost's secret promotion code or password.
  • 50% Advance-Booking Discounts: Book premium services in advance, such as one-on-one private sessions, and get up to a 50% discount.
  • Earn VIP points Automatically (and get free stuff): Automatically earn "double points": two points for each minute that you visit with any fee-based live video chathost, plus 10 extra bonus points for each month that you maintain VIP status. Points never expire and are redeemable for free time in live one-on-one privates with video chathosts!
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VIP-only Customer Service:

  • Free Tech Support: Technical problems using iFriends? Call our VIP-only toll-free tech support telephone hotline using our secret VIP-only 800# phone number.
  • VIP Customer Service: Automatic access to our Customer Service VIP Team, through a secret, 24-hour-per-day toll-free telephone number and priority-status private email system, using unpublished email addresses.
  • VIP-Only Discussion Boards: Our password-protected Club VIP-only bulletin boards give you and fellow VIP members a forum for interacting with each other, as well as iFriends management, to shape and influence how iFriends services your needs.
  • VIP Account Representative: After registration, we'll send you the name, direct email address and private toll-free telephone extension of your own dedicated personal account representative, whose only responsibility is to guarantee your ongoing complete satisfaction with iFriends.
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